Friday, 29 June 2012

DIY: Navajo Denim Shirt

Before and After

Materials Needed:
Denim Shirt
Desired Material to Cover Lapel With
Stitch Ripper

 Step one (not shown) Cut a strip from your desired material about 2 inches longer then the lapel you are covering and 1 inch wider.

Pin the material on to the shirt, just one side should be fine, Make sure you tuck under about half an inch at the top and bottom for a clean hem.  Flip the lapel over so you are looking at the inside of it.   Using your stick ripper cut a slit for each button hole into the pin on material by going threw the existing button hole.  This way all the holes will line up.perfectly. 

 If you want your button holes to be finished, unpin the material and stitch around each button hole using the appropriate setting on your machine.   If you don't have a sewing machine or don't mind a little fraying, continue to pin the other side the the material.  Making sure to fold the 1/2 inch of excess material underneath for a tidy looking hem.

Sew along each side of the lapel approximately 3-5 mm from the edge.

 Follow the same steps to cover the trim on any pockets.  You may need to hand stitch the lower seam on the pocket if your sewing machine wont fit.

Xo Austere

DIY Inspiration: Denim Shirt

I have not been able to stop thinking about this shirt and what a great DIY project it would be ever since I saw it on Pinterest. I didn't have the best of luck finding a good fitted denim shirt on a recent thrift store shopping adventure with Austere but hopefully I will find one soon and be able to attempt my own version of this bad boy.
Sorry about the recent lack of DIY posts. I promise Austere and I have been sewing up a storm and some great new posts are on there way!


Photo from She Inside

Thursday, 21 June 2012

And The Living Is Easy

Summer is officially here and boy am I ready for some relaxing in the sun, actually getting to wear shorts and sundresses, and fun little longboard waves. Here are some of summery images to get you excited about the new season or mourn the loss of it if you are living on the other side of the world. 


Photos from Fashion Me Now, Foam, Oracle Fox, Something Seeker, Spell and the Gypsy Collective, Eco Bird, FGR, Vogue, Vogue Italia, Pinterest

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

DIY Inspiration: Neon Statement Jewels

So apparently I need a lesson in taking screen shots!  At least half the time I can't seem to make that little description bar disappear, but in this case it reads pretty true what better way to make a statement then neon.   And what a simple necklace to recreate!  All you need is a lot of gold chain or a cheap gold necklace and some neon spray paint. 
Xo Austere

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Shakin' All Over

You know that old question you have been asked since elementary school about what era you would choose to live in if you could? Well, if I was to base my answer on fashion and what style I always seem to gravitate to, I would have to go with the 50's and early 60's and this amazingly styled editorial from Marie Claire Hungary only helps cement that decision. I literally want to own every single item in these photos. Can we talk about how amazing the lime green socks look with the purple skirt in the first photo?


Photos from FGR

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

DIY Inspiration: Cut Out Sweater Dress

Apologies for the lack of post lately, we have been busy girls.  Prudence and I have the joy of living in the same town for the next couple months which hopefully for you means the quality of our work you see will improve.   No more self timer photos, Yay!  Don't "they" say  "Two brains are better then one", or maybe in this case it would be four hands are better then two.  Anyway back to the sweater.  I've always been a little bit afraid to cut and sew a knit  but, I cut out and hemmed the neckline of one as I ran out the door to work the other day and what do you know it wasn't that scary at all.  So the above dress is going to be the next on my list,  I've been on the hunt for a knit long and slender enough.

Xo Austere

Friday, 8 June 2012

DIY Inspiration: Statement Shoulders

I saw this photo on Pinterest the other day and have not been able to stop thinking about it. Growing up in a cold climate has made me a huge fan and collector of chunky knit sweaters because I can actually wear them year round. I love how the statement shoulders on this sweater could easily be achieved with a simple sweater, some yarn that matches, and an embroidery needle and you would get a completely unique and interesting look. I can't wait to make this!


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Into the Mystic

I'm not even sure if it is possible for me to name all the reasons why I am obsessed with this editorial of Klara Gro by Cristina Capucci for Urban Magazine. The flowing red hair, the amazing styling, the beautiful spring time scenery, and best of all there are so many DIY inspirations. How are amazing are those headbands? Once I practice my knot tying those are going on my DIY list, along with the patterned boots, embellished skirt, and fringe shawl.


Photos from FGR

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

DIY Striped Shorts vs The Inspiration

The Inspiration vs The DIY 

Top Shop's Striped Denim Shorts in Mint                             DIY Striped Shorts in Mint 

Materials Needed:
 A pair of old White Jeans 
Masking tape  
Spray paint

Try on the pants, decide what length you want your shorts to be, mark this spot with a pencil.
Take off pants,  cut one leg, fold the cut leg on top of the uncut so they become the same length and cut the second leg. 

Lay your shorts on a flat surface, and begin taping.  I started with  the front middle and work my way around the shorts, make sure you are running a finger down each piece of placed tape with firm pressure, this will ensure the paint does leak under your tape.

Place your shorts on a surface that is okay to spray paint on, lightly spray one side of the shorts.  You will have to wait for the first side to dry before doing the second, there should be a drying time on the back of your spray paint. 
                                                           Repeat on the back side of the shorts. 

Peel tape and Rock!  

Xo Austere

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