Wednesday, 13 June 2012

DIY Inspiration: Cut Out Sweater Dress

Apologies for the lack of post lately, we have been busy girls.  Prudence and I have the joy of living in the same town for the next couple months which hopefully for you means the quality of our work you see will improve.   No more self timer photos, Yay!  Don't "they" say  "Two brains are better then one", or maybe in this case it would be four hands are better then two.  Anyway back to the sweater.  I've always been a little bit afraid to cut and sew a knit  but, I cut out and hemmed the neckline of one as I ran out the door to work the other day and what do you know it wasn't that scary at all.  So the above dress is going to be the next on my list,  I've been on the hunt for a knit long and slender enough.

Xo Austere

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