Friday, 29 June 2012

DIY: Navajo Denim Shirt

Before and After

Materials Needed:
Denim Shirt
Desired Material to Cover Lapel With
Stitch Ripper

 Step one (not shown) Cut a strip from your desired material about 2 inches longer then the lapel you are covering and 1 inch wider.

Pin the material on to the shirt, just one side should be fine, Make sure you tuck under about half an inch at the top and bottom for a clean hem.  Flip the lapel over so you are looking at the inside of it.   Using your stick ripper cut a slit for each button hole into the pin on material by going threw the existing button hole.  This way all the holes will line up.perfectly. 

 If you want your button holes to be finished, unpin the material and stitch around each button hole using the appropriate setting on your machine.   If you don't have a sewing machine or don't mind a little fraying, continue to pin the other side the the material.  Making sure to fold the 1/2 inch of excess material underneath for a tidy looking hem.

Sew along each side of the lapel approximately 3-5 mm from the edge.

 Follow the same steps to cover the trim on any pockets.  You may need to hand stitch the lower seam on the pocket if your sewing machine wont fit.

Xo Austere

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