Saturday, 28 April 2012


A true sign of love is when a person, place, or pair of shorts (?) make their way into your dreams.....
DIY tutorial to come .

Xo Austere

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Letting it all hang out

Is there really anything better than fun and fancy underwear? I love the somewhat Victorian hippie feel to the styling. I have always had a love of wearing slips and camisoles as outerwear and this editorial of Laragh McCann in Elle France is only encouraging that.
I promise another DIY soon.


Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I had to head to the nearest town over yesterday to do boring adult like things such as taxes and get eye exam, so I hit up a few thrift stores while I was there and am ever I glad I did, just think of all the project that will come out of this! Knee length hot pink leather skirt that fits like a glove, I'm thinking a great hot pink leather mini (which there is a good chance I will never wear) with maybe enough leather left to make an envelope clutch as well. The colorful printed skirt reminded me of Prudence, all it needs a a hem and maybe an iron. Coral colored maxi for four dollars, I couldn't say no. And the gem of the day the leather fringe vest!  I may never take this off, with all this talk of festival wear and Coachella. Next year i'll be ready!  Oh and the plaid blazer, I know its the wrong season but .....  

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Coachella Dreaming

Today is the final day of Coachella, not that that really has any impact on my life since I couldn't go. However, it does mean that I can no longer spend my free time watching the live stream on youtube or day dreaming about what I would have worn had I gone. Festival style is just so fun, carefree, and experimental. I have really enjoyed all the street style photos that came out of Coachella this year. Is it too early to start day dreaming about next year?


Friday, 20 April 2012

Love Child

  Photos from Spell and the Gypsy CollectiveLittle Navajo, Coyote spirit child, and the folders upon folders of unlabeled photos on my desktop from the days before I thought of blogging.

Xo Austere

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Flowered Hair Wrap

I saw this flowered hair wrap at Free People's website and instantly knew it would be a perfect DIY project.


  1. A thin piece of ribbon a little longer than your hair
  2. Hair Clip
  3. Small fake flowers
  4. Needle 
  5. Thread the color of your flowers


1.      Measure and cut a thin piece of ribbon so that it is 6 inches or so longer than your hair.
2.      Securely tie the ribbon to the end of your hair clip.

3.      Cut one of your fake flowers from its stem.
4.      Place the flower a few inches down the ribbon from where you tied it to the hair clip.
5.      Starting from the underside of the ribbon sew the flower in place, bringing the needle up through the middle of the flower. 

6.      Continue sewing flowers to the ribbon, spacing them every few inches until you get a few inches from the bottom of the ribbon.
7.      Clip the ribbon into your hair and braid your hair. Trim end of ribbon so that is same length as your hair and enjoy!

The bottom two photos were taken by my lovely friend Felicia Haun. Jacket from Volcom, Sunglasses from Ray Ban.


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Something Else

If I had to choose one brand and one brand only to live and breath in, day in and day out, it would be Something Else by Natalie Wood.  Its super stylish yet incredible wearable and filled with DIY inspiration.  Something else is the edgier, more mature and luxurious brain child of Australian designer Natalie Wood.      

Images from Something Else's Autumn/Winter 2012, Summer 2011, and Spring 2011 collections.  Check out the rest of the line (Here)  And more of Natatie Wood's work as creative director of the Australian surf skate brand Insight.

Xo Austere

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Skin and Bones

If there is one thing that will for sure make me weak in the knees (at least when it comes to clothing) it is items that have the perfect balance of tough and sweet and feminine. I am in love with the new line of skeleton dresses and tops from Stolen Girlfriends Club for this very reason. I think it is time for me to start practicing some skeleton embroidery patterns.

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