Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Little Bit of Lace

I’m a bit of a sucker for white lace, I don’t know why, I don’t know what it is but I love it!  To be honest I don’t often wear white lace, but if I see it I buy it!

I've been carrying this one piece of lace around with me for years. Okay three or four years, not decades.  Years might not seem like a long time to you.  But if you are me, three or four years means that I have lived in at least 9 different apartments jumping between a few small towns, a small city, and a big city. Years means that with every move more small things are given away.  This piece of pretty white lace has sat on top of my dresser, it has hung out on my coffee table, I’ve folded it and stuff it in the breast pocket of a shirt.  And now I have finally found some thing to make with it!


 A 4” by 12” piece of lace  (long enough to loosely wrap around your neck)
 A needle
 A pearl or button
 Thread that matches the color of lace you chose
 An Iron.  (Hair straighter will work if u don’t have a iron, just make sure it is clean)

Fold the piece of lace lengthwise.
Press the fold with your iron. Or run the fold through your hair straighter.
Hand sew your button to the top left corner of the lace
On the right top corner you want to make a loop of thread that your button will tightly fit through.  First you want to secure the thread to the lace with a few stitches.  
Then make a loop by going threw the lace then wrapping the thread around something of equal size as your button or pearl I used the end of a pen.  Do this approximately ten times, remove the pen and then wrap your thread around the loop to hold the pieces together.
Fasten the loop to the lace with a few more stitches and knot your thread closed on the backside of the collar.

Xo Austere

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