Thursday, 10 May 2012

DIY Fringe Shirt

Materials needed:
A Mens Size Small T-shirt
A Ruler
A Pencil or Marking Tool

Turn your t-shirt inside out, fold it in half. Cut the lower part of each sleeve off. 

 With your ruler mark a diagonal line on your shirt with the lowest part in the middle of the shirt. then cut the bottom section off and discard.

Draw a new line approximately three inches above your cut bottom, this is where you will cut your fringe to.  If you are right handed start from the left holding the pice you want to cut in your left hand and cutting with your right. Continue across the bottom off the shirt.  (If your are right handed start from the right)

Make a small cut beside the collar of the shirt. for the back cut following just below the collar line.  For the front I was going for a casual t-shirt so kept my cut a big higher.  To keep your cut even you can fold the t-shirt in half making sure to keep the back half clear of your scissors.  Start your cut at the lowest point cutting up wards to meet with your original neckline cut.   Remember you can always cut off more so start with a modest cut.


xo Austere 

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