Friday, 18 May 2012

DIY Envelope Clutch

I have been craving an over sized envelope clutch for quite sometime, so when I found some amazing leather on sale for $5 at my local craft store I knew I needed to make one.

What you will need

  1. One yard of leather or fake leather fabric
  2. A sewing machine fitted with a leather needle
  3. Thread that matches the leather or the color of your choosing if you want statement stitching.
  4. Scissors
  5. A sharpie
  6. A ruler

How To

  1. On the backside of the leather draw the outline of the clutch. The width of the clutch should measure 16 inches across, which will allow the clutch to be 15 inches in width with a half inch hem on each side. The clutch should be 31.5 inches in height which will make the finished clutch be 10.5 inches in height when folded 3 times.
  2. In addition to the drawn outline of the clutch, also measure and draw where you will make your half inch hem along the length of the clutch.  This will help function as a guide to follow while sewing.

    3. Cut out the clutch along the lines you have drawn
    4. Fold the clutch inside out one third of the way up.
    5. Pin the fold in the clutch in place

    6. Sew the clutch following the hem lines you drew and then turn clutch right side out. 

    7. Fold the flap of the clutch that you haven't sewn yet along both of the drawn hem lines, pin in place, and sew along the edge. 

    8. Now its time to finish up that one last raw edge of the clutch.  I did a 2 inch hem on the bottom edge but you can really play around with how how big you want the hem to be as it will effect how your finished clutch looks. Once you have decided on where to hem your final edge pin the corners in place and sew along the sides, going right next to the stitching you already have along the sides. 

    9. And thats it! I decided to not use anything as a closure but if you want to make sure that things don't fall out you could use anything from a chic belt to a metal clasp as a closure.  



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