Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Little Bit Of Lace Part 2

Ahhh beautiful lovely white lace, how I love you.  I chopped this piece of white lace off the bottom of a thrifted skirt a few years ago before I really thought I would ever enjoy a maxi skirt.  This was my first time ever making shorts or well anything with a properly sewn crotch and I have to say it was much easier then expected.  Unfortunately the photos I took while making the lace shorts wont upload so the tutorial is photos of making the liner, hope you don't mind.

Materials needed:
 A 16 x 44 Inch piece of Lace
A 16 x 44 inch piece of White Cotton Material for the Liner (something neon would be great too)
White thread
Sewing machine (or needle and thread if you have the patience)
A Pen, Pencil or Marking tool

To make the Lace shorts I started with a 16 x 44 inch piece of material folded in half to make a double layered 16 x 22 inch piece.  

Then I used a pair of crochet shorts from Element as a sample for size, keeping mind these short are stretchier then the lace I will be using.  
1. Fold your material in half again bringing the right side on top of the left then trace the inside seem of the shorts onto your material adding about 1 inch or 2 cm for your seem. Cut along your marking, you should be cutting through four layers of material.   If your scissors wont do this cut one side and then the other using the first cut as a guide line.  You should be left with a piece of material that looks like the below images when folded and unfolded

2. Pin and stitch along the outside seems that you just cut leaving the bottom few inches below your cut un-sewn.    
3. If the Bottom inches below your cut are still attached cut them apart. Open up the shorts so the two seems you just sewed are at the front and back of the shorts. 

4. Pin the front and back sides of the crotch together and sew. 
Turn your shorts in side out so the rough seems are on the inside. 

Your shorts should look like this, minus the waist band.
5. For the waist band I rolled the top of my shorts down three times inwards.  Then put a stitch approximately 1 cm below the top of the roll all the way around the waist then flip the roll back up.  If you wish you can now insert an elastic trough the roll. I left mine without as I feel they will stay up just fine.   
Repeat steps 1 through 4 to create a liner for your shorts then pin and sew them  inside your lace shorts, I stitched mine in under the 1 cm flap we made below the waist band to hind the stitch. 

Once trying them on I trimmed the bottom of the liner as I wanted the scalloped bottom of the lace to show. 

 Xo Austere


  1. such a cute diy:) it turned out great!


  2. Really cute shorts! Thanks for sharing this DIY.

    Sarah x


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