Saturday, 3 August 2013

DIY Distressed Denim Shorts

Ya, I know it might be a bit late in the year for distressing shorts, but you'll still have a a few months to where them....  and what about the folk on the other side of the hemisphere, their probably dreaming of summer time, tanned skin and short shorts.  Continue reading for the tutorial!

Materials Needed 
A Pair of jeans or shorts
Exacto Knife
Piece of cardboard
Washing Machine

 Fold your pants as shown above. You want to lining up the waist band evenly so your sorts tun out the same length.

Inseam Length
3 inches is a pretty standard inseam length for shorts. 
I usually measure 5 inches if i'm planning to cuff my shorts.  
This pair I wanted to be a bit longer then normal with the option of cuffing, so we went just under 4 inches.
 Mark Where you want to cut your shorts. 

 If you have sharp enough scissors you should be able to cut through both pant legs at once. If not cut one, keep your pants folded and use the cut pant leg as a guide for your second pant leg.

 Drawn lines on your shorts, similar to  below so you can see where we made our cuts for a super distressed pair.

Insert the cardboard into your shorts to protect the backside of the shorts from your blade. 

Cut your shorts where you have drawn each line. Use your hand that is not holding the exacto knife to pull the shorts tight making your slice easier and cleaner.

Put your cut short through the washing machine and dryer, and they should turn out like this....

Xo Austere

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  1. OMG! Great minds think alike! I just posted a denim tutorial too! Love how yours turned out!

    Take Care, Aimee


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