Sunday, 23 June 2013

Welcome to My Galaxy (DIY Galaxy Pants)

Our little blog hit 1000000 views yesterday.  In honour of all those views we present you with a Galaxy pants tutorial!  If you're reading this thinking I couldn't wear those, your wrong you could and you should.  You should probably even make them your self if you have a spare hour and some paint. But if not they may just end up on our Etsy Store sooner then later!  Continue reading for the full tutorial....

Galaxy Pants are all about the layers of paint, darkest to lightest.

Materials needed

A Pair of Black Denim 
Acrylic or Material Paint: 
Dark Blue, Light Blue, Purple and White
4 Small Sponges
1 Very Fine Paint Brush
A Drop cloth
Container to mix your paints on.

 Dap your sponge in the Dark Blue paint, blot it off on something a napkin or drop cloth and start applying the paint in splotches . Try to leave the centre of each blotch the thickest blending the outside areas into the material. Remember with paint, it is easy to add more, start with a little and add as needed.  Below is an image and photo of where we started with the dark blue.


 Moving on to purple!  You want to move on to your purple before the dark blue has dried, that will allow some blending of colours where you please.  Your goal really is to make the colours dance together not to cover one with the other. When adding the purple try to work your sponge in a circular motion, creating an effect of a spinning galaxy.  

!Galaxy Inspiration!

So we've created a great base of colours with the blue and purple, the dark blue in the image below has started to dry but we've pointed out few areas to try blending the edges of the colours together.

Time to add the glow!

Lets go with a medium blue this time, as you can see below the medium blue isn't mixed together fully, This is gong to help us bring our galaxy to life.  With a new sponge or paint brush take a bit of dark blue and a bit of light blue and swirls them together.  Now dip your sponge in and start dapping the medium blue in the areas your base dark blue went.  You don't want to cover all the dark blue we need to leave some dimension. 

!Dip Swirl Dap Blend!

And.... Back to the purple. Mix a bit of purple with a bit of white to create a lighter purple.   Now we just dapped a bit of the light purple in the centre of some of the existing purple to add a starry effect.

                      If your happy with your purples and blues allow them to dry for 15 Minutes.

Speaking of starry effect, we needs stars and star dust! 

Star Dust -Dip just a teeny tiny corner of a clean sponge into you white paint  and start lightly dapping the white around the lighter areas you have created

Small Stars- Take your small paint brush dip just a tiny bit of white paint on it and start making small dots around your pants,  add a few star clusters around the lighter (galaxy) areas.

Large Stars- Use your paint brush with a small amount of paint to paint small crosses (shown below)

Shooting Stars-  Make shooting stars like Jackson Pollock by dipping a larger amount of white paint on your brush and flicking it towards your pants. (shown below)

Star dust and Small stars (above)

Large stars and Star dust (above)

Shooting star, Star dust and Small stars (above)

Allow your pants to dry for 12 hours before wearing them.

Xo Austere


  1. Congratulations on your mega-views! I love this idea, but knowing the catastrophic mess that occurs whenever I use paint, perhaps I better hold on tight for an etsy shop appearance...
    x eva

  2. Oh my gosh these are so awesome! I love this look! I always see the celestial print on clothing and had no idea you could recreate it. I can see me really messing this up, though- you did a great job. Congrats on the milestone!

  3. Love the cute pair of pants! Good work on the post. Do keep us posted for more of summer trends and offers!

  4. oh my gosh this looks so great, and so easy! keep up the DIY's, and WOW on the views!

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  7. thank you so much for offering this DIY I had all the supplies at home, didn't have to buy anything and its so easy!

  8. does the design wash off after a few wears? Or in the washing machine? that would be bad.

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